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Speaking Your Language: Bowers Joins AMT as Vice President of Research

Kevin Bowers brings decades of technical and research experience to his new role as AMT Vice President of Research.
May 15, 2024

Excited. Waku Waku. About to hit cycle start. No matter how you say it, you know the sensation of anticipation —maybe even jubilation —when something great is about to happen.

That’s what Kevin Bowers is feeling as he joins AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology in his new role as vice president of research. Bowers is fluent in English, Japanese (Waku Waku), manufacturing, and data, and he is ready to accelerate growth for AMT members with data-centric products and services.

Bowers graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Japanese and spent several years living in Japan. He started his career with SNK, a machine tool manufacturer, as the manager of technical sales. He later moved to DMG Mori, where he held roles in sales and operations before serving as the chief support officer. Before transitioning to AMT, Bowers was the director of field service research at the Technology & Services Industry Association. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he is thrilled to return to manufacturing.

“In manufacturing, one adds labor and expenses to raw material, and the final product is sold for more than the sum of the parts. Manufacturing has the highest economic multiplier effect of any industry. I learned this from Rod Jones, an industry legend, in a class he taught for AMT in the early 2000s, and it really stuck with me,” says Bowers. “I am so excited to be back in the manufacturing industry and to have the opportunity to utilize the powerful data that AMT collects to help manufacturers achieve their business outcomes.”

With both direct machine tool knowledge and research and consulting experience, Bowers has the skill set to understand what manufacturers want —and what they need to grow. He speaks the language. And he can transform data into deliverables.

“AMT remains committed to providing our members best-in-class products and services, which will accelerate their business success.The addition of Kevin Bowers to our talented research and consulting team brings a wealth of industry experience and unique insights into how AMT can best deliver invaluable and actionable industry intelligence,” says AMT President Doug Woods.

“His technical knowledge and deep roots in the manufacturing industry combined with his expertise in actionable research make him uniquely qualified to take our research and consulting team at AMT to the next level.”

In addition to his love of all things manufacturing, Bowers is nurturing a new-found passion for AI, which he knows he shares with many AMT members. He can often be found researching the history and future of AI, which he notes parallels the history of robotics in the industry. Similar to how robotics has boosted the manufacturing industry without the feared loss of jobs, Bowers believes AI integration will generate new jobs and augment the human experience.

Bowers is eager to talk to members about adding value and achieving their goals. We hope you will welcome our newest employee with a hearty hello and a problem to solve.

You can reach Kevin Bowers at KBowers@AMTonline.org.

Kathy Keyes Webster
Managing Editor – Content
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