Happening Now
By John TurnerSep 22, 2023

Data Beyond Your Business

The internet opens a whole new way to think about data sources, raising concerns about network security and data validity. Learn about the two major ways to access such data: accessed and transferred in bulk for storage; and accessed on demand.

4m read
By Christopher DownsSep 19, 2023

Outlooks on the U.S. Manufacturing Economy

Get answers from leading economists who provide financial outlooks for manufacturing. Pick up even more details about changing economic factors and their impacts at AMT’s MTForecast 2023 conference in October.

7m read
By Bonnie GurneySep 12, 2023

Registration Opens for IMTS 2024

Registration has opened for IMTS 2024 – The International Manufacturing Technology Show, taking place Sept. 9-14 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

5m read
By John TurnerSep 05, 2023

Shop Floor Data

Remember the old adage: "Garbage in" equals "garbage out." But is the data you collect good? Learn more about measured and processed manufacturing data, how they form the foundation of all digital manufacturing systems, and strategies to ensure quality.

5m read
By Benjamin MosesSep 01, 2023

AMT Tech Report: Issue #275

I push rhymes like batteries. I collect data; I must be S-M-R-T. Metrology and additive go hand in hand. Robots as a service. Yes, additive prosthetics for animals is cute.

6m read
By John TurnerAug 22, 2023

Data into Information

Many companies collect data from their manufacturing operations to increase productivity and improve shop operations. Others do so as part of a contractual obligation to their customers.

5m read
By Christopher DownsAug 14, 2023

Ready to Create Your 2024 Business Plan? Get the Info You Need at MTForecast 2023

The MTForecast conference gives manufacturing leaders the industry insights, economic forecasts, and marketing data for they need to make smart business decisions.

4m read
By Tim ShinbaraJul 31, 2023

Why Manufacturers Care About Saving Water

Reducing water use is not a big concern for most manufacturers, but there are solid reasons to look at better water efficiency now before challenges arise in the future.

5m read
By Benjamin MosesJun 16, 2023

AMT Tech Trends: Cantada

Episode 96: Steve blabs about the 100th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, then talks about he can’t find a good, wholesome, and affordable robot to settle down with. Benjamin stresses the importance of data sources and diversity.

45m read
By Benjamin MosesJun 06, 2023

Digital Manufacturing for Legacy Equipment Using a Standards-Based Approach: An MTConnect Use Case

Are you adding an MTConnect adapter and agent to legacy equipment? The AMT-Virginia Tech team collected and visualized data for production managers to monitor real-time metrics and build accurate reports from legacy equipment.

15m read