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By Stephen LaMarcaJun 11, 2021

AMT Tech Report: Issue #162

Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame now accepting nominations. Italian Roboze bringing additive manufacturing hub to Texas. No longer satisfied with building watches and jewelry, the Swiss look to growing them. Size matters: Boston Micro Fabrication.

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By Patrick McGibbonJun 10, 2021

Manufacturing as Economic Foundation

Automation is imperative because one of the only ways the U.S. can remain competitive given wage differentials between countries is by increasing productivity.

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By Stephen LaMarcaJun 07, 2021

AMT Tech Report: Issue #161

Singapore: the most robot-dense country in the world. Will Tesla go down ... as a robotics firm in artificial intelligence? Automation, inspection, and robotics are the perfect match. Can 3D printing be sustainable? A guide to 3D printing on a glass bed.

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By Stephen LaMarcaApr 08, 2021

AMT Tech Report: Issue #153

Building F1 engines with sand. Blue screen of (literal) death. The importance of artificial idiocy.

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By Stephen LaMarcaMar 30, 2021

AMT Tech Report: Issue #152

Additive subtracts costs. Implementing automation and the details that aren’t automatically addressed. The machine vision community offers some clarity on future challenges and more. Recycling powder for additive. Standards make the digital twin real.

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By Joshua PersonMar 29, 2021

Artificial Intelligence Error Proofing in a Robotic Workcell

The advantages of automating a manufacturing process are well documented. Including machine vision with the automation can benefit the process in many ways. Vision can enhance the robotic process with 2D and 3D part location...

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By AMTFeb 17, 2021

NSF Advanced Manufacturing Program and Research Opportunities

AMT Technology Forum Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Khershed Cooper, Program Director at National Science Foundation

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By External ContributorFeb 16, 2021

Is Your Culture a 'Good Fit' for New Technology?

Companies who haven’t done the work in areas like collaboration and communication will have a higher rate of failure. Technology advances promise to help manufacturers thrive in an increasingly competitive and turbulent world. Readers of the articles on...

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