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By Benjamin MosesJan 13, 2023

AMT Tech Trends: For Export Only

Steve’s car’s blood (oil) test returned negative for abuse, so more track days will come in 2023! Ben had a blast at the Tech Departments end of year trip to the gun range...

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By Benjamin MosesNov 25, 2022

AMT Tech Trends: High Steaks

Steve’s solved a steak problem. Ben shares some alternative (read: better) thanksgiving dish ideas. Benjamin then announces that MIT’s solution to a bad algorithm was to solve a differential equation ...

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By Benjamin MosesOct 22, 2022

AMT Tech Trends: Hot Giardiniera

Ben and Steve are done with the fallout from hurricane Ian and are almost ready to welcome some snow. Benjamin is excited about a new aluminum alloy. Stephen talks about a high-speed extrusion head that can lay down a kilo of printed polymer per hour.

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By Stephen LaMarcaOct 21, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #230

Medical AM. NSF Invests in the Future of US Manufacturing. 3D Printed In-line Triple. 'Learning on the Edge.' Come See How Good I Look!

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By Stephen LaMarcaOct 07, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #228

Willy Wonka’s factory of the future. NAM’s fun facts about the manufacturing industry. The fastest running robot. Boeing’s new AM facility. Dassault Systèmes identifies key skills for sustainable innovation in manufacturing.

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By Gary VasilashSep 29, 2022

AMT 120 Years On: Where It Is – and Going

Anniversaries are a time of stock taking. And as AMT hits 120 years, it’s bullish about the future.

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By Benjamin MosesAug 19, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #221

Martian gears. Increase profits by sustainable manufacturing. Don’t forget your identity. Artificial intelligence and quality. Value of a production lab.

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By Gary VasilashMay 26, 2022

Smart Manufacturing and the Small Manufacturer

Companies of all sizes can benefit from smart manufacturing technologies. As larger companies work to develop more resiliency in their supply chains, smaller manufacturers who don’t avail themselves of the tech may find themselves no longer a link in ...

8m read
By Dave MortonMay 06, 2022

SMMs Must Embrace Smart Manufacturing to Survive

Smart Manufacturing Experience focuses on the challenges facing SMMs. The event is intended to help SMMs leverage the power of smart technologies to improve their bottom lines and advance manufacturing operations in real time.

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By AMTApr 03, 2022

Manufacturing Matters

Check in for the highlights, headlines, and hijinks that matter to manufacturing. These lean news items keep you updated on the latest developments.

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