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By IMTSFeb 10, 2021

There are dominant winning streaks, and then there’s KTM Motorsports’ string of 18 consecutive wins in the Dakar Rally 450 cc motorbike category. Formerly known as the Paris-Dakar (Senegal) Rally, KTM won this 15,000 km, 17-day race every year from 2001...

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By Benjamin MosesMay 06, 2020

General principles for design” is currently in revision under Work Group 8 of ICO/TC199. This standard specifies machine control system functional safety performance levels. In a recent email, U.S. Tag Administrator Dan Felinski broke...

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By Marcel BeraudDec 18, 2018

Having the opportunity to attend many of the international shows, a common theme continues to play out: the improvement of the global economy and the positive impact to the manufacturing world. As many companies enjoy these good times, they are also...

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