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Bill Herman to Lead AMT Member Services

Bill Herman, currently AMT’s director of international events and sponsorship, will be assuming responsibility for membership services when Member Services Vice President Steve Lesnewich retires in June.
Apr 13, 2021

Bill Herman, currently AMT’s director of international events and sponsorship, will be assuming responsibility for membership services when Member Services Vice President Steve Lesnewich retires in June. In his new position as senior director, sales and membership, Bill will continue his role directing international events, coordinating AMT/USA pavilions, and developing sponsorship programs as well.

Steve is transitioning membership responsibilities to Bill through June, allowing for a smooth transfer. Adding to the continuity of the transition, Bill and Steve have worked together for almost 15 years, including three years together at the American Machine Tools Distributor Association (AMTDA), and they share many relationships with AMT members.

“I am very excited to take on this new and expanded role at AMT,” Bill said. “To streamline communications with our members, we are changing our model of member engagement and moving to an account management model. This means our membership team will be managing member accounts in their entirety, presenting all the different AMT products and services.” Bill will liaise with department heads as needed to drill deeper into product or service questions when speaking with members.

“I have worked with every department at AMT over the years, so I’m very familiar with all our products and services and the value they bring to members,” he continued. “I view sales more in terms of a consultative relationship – listening closely to members, better understanding their business models, and identifying areas where AMT products align with the growth objectives of each company. As a non-profit dedicated solely to advancing manufacturing in the United States, we can often provide services at a fraction of the cost of the private sector, and we function as a single, integrated point of contact for meeting their needs.”

Bill said that he has already spoken with a number of members who were not fully aware of the full range of AMT services, many of which are included in their annual membership dues. He intends to prioritize educating, informing, and communicating to members the value of AMT – access to exclusive industry data, focused lead generation data, international sales support, and targeted educational conferences, to name only a few.

Bill and his team will also strive to reach out to members more frequently throughout the year to check in with them about new business needs, ensure they are taking advantage of their member benefits, and to better understand the ways that AMT can continue to evolve its programs and services to deliver value

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