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Gary Vasilash
Transportation Editor

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By Gary VasilashNov 30, 2022

The Good, The Bad, The Economy

If this were a movie, you might want to head for the exit. But sticking around – which may not be easy – can be rewarding.

10m read
By Gary VasilashSep 29, 2022

AMT 120 Years On: Where It Is – and Going

Anniversaries are a time of stock taking. And as AMT hits 120 years, it’s bullish about the future.

10m read
By Gary VasilashAug 03, 2022

IMTS 2022: History in the Making

Why being in Chicago between Sept. 12 and 17 continues the tradition of technical development and deployment.

7m read
By Gary VasilashMay 26, 2022

Smart Manufacturing and the Small Manufacturer

Companies of all sizes can benefit from smart manufacturing technologies. As larger companies work to develop more resiliency in their supply chains, smaller manufacturers who don’t avail themselves of the tech may find themselves no longer a link in ...

8m read
By Gary VasilashApr 02, 2022

Advancing Technology: The Digital and the Physical

The transition to smarter and more flexible manufacturing is an ongoing effort by these leading automotive suppliers.

10m read
By Gary VasilashFeb 03, 2022

The Weakest Link

How we got to a broken supply chain and why the fix isn’t going to be simple.

10m read