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World-Renowned Robot Expert To Speak at The MFG Meeting

Robot capabilities are accelerating at a record pace. Get a grip on their unprecedented leap in capabilities by leading national robot expert Andra Keay, managing director of Silicon Valley Robotics, at AMT’s 2022 MFG Meeting, April 27-30, in Florida.
Apr 05, 2022

Robot capabilities are accelerating everywhere we look, and leading national robot expert Andra Keay, managing director of Silicon Valley Robotics, believes we are in the middle of an unprecedented leap in their intelligence and capabilities.

You won’t want to miss Keay’s upcoming presentation at AMT’s 2022 MFG Meeting, April 27-30, in Bonita Springs, Florida. She will share the latest information on robot innovation and commercialization and offer insights into how manufacturers can benefit to stay ahead of the competition, make operations more efficient, and profit.

Comparable to Evolutionary Changes on Earth

The growing intelligence of robots is enabling them to make more decisions about what they do, how they move, and where they go. In fact, they are becoming so proficient in navigating and seeing the world, their development parallels biological evolution.

“I think a good analogy is the explosion in animal intelligence and mobility we saw during the Cambrian period because a similar thing is happening today in robots,” said Keay, describing the period 541 million years ago that saw a dramatic burst of evolutionary changes in life on Earth.

In her presentation, “The Evolution of Robots,” Keay will discuss:

  • How robots and cobots are evolving, and what can we expect in the near future

  • Affordable options for bringing robots and cobots into operations

  • How to integrate robots and cobots into processes with minimal disruption

  • The newest capabilities of robots and cobots with sensors and computer vision

“We’re not just seeing more robots being developed, but they're capable of doing new things in new ways. They’re capable of doing multiple jobs, and without necessarily having sophisticated reprogramming, they can be taught to move in multiple ways and learn from positioning,” said Keay.

Expansion Into New Industries

In addition to growing capabilities, robots are becoming both more affordable and easier to use. They are rapidly moving into industries where they haven't been used before, such as logistics and e-commerce, where they move and pack boxes.

“We’ve also seen an exponential increase in the number of robotics companies,” said Keay. “There are not only more companies developing robots, but the robots that they're creating are incredibly varied today.”

“I really benefit from learning where the manufacturing industry is going and learn more about projections and trends.” – Maxwell Reynolds, CEO, Symbio Robotics

AMT’s MFG Meeting brings together manufacturing technology leaders to address key business challenges, identify opportunities, and provide actionable solutions. Speakers cover a wide range of topics, including economics, emerging technology, supply chain, leadership, and politics. 

“MFG speakers are excellent, and I am able to meet so many people from our industry.” – Andy Weber, Executive Chairman, Rego-Fix

The MFG Meeting takes place April 27-30, in Bonita Springs, Florida. This unique meeting experience provides many opportunities to network with executives from the companies that make, sell, service, and support manufacturing technology. We look forward to seeing you there! Register Now.

Kathy Keyes Webster
Managing Editor – Content
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