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Why Is IMTS 2022 the Place for Job Shops?

IMTS 2022 offers job shop stakeholders the technology, new products, practical learning, and networking opportunities that will grow their businesses and profit margins, make them more resilient, and help them adapt to changing markets and ...
May 27, 2022

In North America, industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to agriculture, construction, and medical depend on job shops because the parts they make are in everything we use. Year after year, our data reveals that 15% of IMTS visitors are from job shops or contract manufacturers – the vital backbone of manufacturing.

In recognition of the importance of job shops and small manufacturing businesses, IMTS is committed to making the show a valuable experience for job shop owners and the people who work in them.

IMTS 2022 offers job shop stakeholders the technology, new products, practical learning, and networking opportunities that will grow their businesses and profit margins, make them more resilient, and help them adapt to changing markets and workforce challenges.

Technology and New Products

Digital manufacturing will be prominent throughout IMTS 2022, thanks to the technologies that bridge the gap between the digital and physical. As job shops contend with workforce and supply challenges to compete globally, they are aggressively adopting digital manufacturing processes and products, which are encapsulated within traditional machines that use automation and robotics, additive manufacturing, metrology, augmented and virtual reality, digital twin, generative design, and more.

Exhibitors will be showing off plenty of augmented CNC machines with digitally connected automation and robotics systems to enable a new generation of multi-tasking machines. Another trend in CNC systems is the single-setup concept. Multi-tasking machines combine cutting with turning, milling, drilling, tapping, deep-hole boring, hobbing, skiving, broaching, grinding, and surface preparation. Hybrid multi-tasking machines add laser hybrid, friction stir welding, additive, and hot wire EDM. By performing all work in a single clamping, these machines cut setup time, eliminate the risk of losing zero when parts move between workstations, and free operators to perform other tasks.

One of the fastest growing segments in automation is cobots. Companies that once never considered robotic automation are now adopting cobots in their operations because today’s cobots are very simple to operate and can handle a wide variety of tasks that were previously impossible. Technological advances have contributed to their growing popularity, improving ease of use and increasing their flexibility to do many jobs around the shop.

The explosive growth seen in automation also extends to metrology. Just as CNC manufacturers will debut “robot-ready” machining centers, quality assurance exhibitors are making sure that their measurement machines can communicate with robots to enable automated part load/unload to improve productivity. Metrology exhibitors are unveiling a host of new products to optimize workflow, improve manufacturability, and increase quality.

Advances in CAD-CAM software and simulation are empowering manufacturers to be even more productive by simplifying CNC operations. The digital twin in CAD-CAM and simulation software is driving change by streamlining work for programmers and machinists alike.

As a solutions-based show for a solutions-based industry, dozens of more products will be on display for tooling, workholding, abrasive machining, fabricating, gear generation, and cleaning.

Practical Learning and Networking

Powered by AMT and featuring MMS Top Shops, the Job Shops Specialty Program is exclusively designed to offer job shop stakeholders learning opportunities to excel, connect, and manufacture. This two-day program offers keynote speakers, industry panel sessions, roundtable discussions, top shops data, benchmarking metrics, and industry outlooks. In addition, throughout the week at IMTS are alternative workshops and programs for the job shop including the 3D Printing Workshop for Job Shops, the Women Make Manufacturing Move Specialty Program, and the Smarter Sourcing Symposium. Closing out the week, we have Shop Day Saturday, a day dedicated for the job shop to bring the entire staff and get up close with the new technologies, talk to the tech builders and find solutions and inspirations on the show floor to take back and share with your shop. Learn more at IMTS.com.

See It All at IMTS 2022

From Sept. 12-17, job shop owners, managers, and their employees can experience the incredible advances in manufacturing that can lead to new levels of efficiencies and prosperity, gain insight from industry experts, and expand their networks to form new partnerships. I urge you to register now at IMTS.com/register.

Peter R. Eelman
Chief Experience Officer
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