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By Benjamin MosesJun 11, 2021

AMT Tech Trends: Cam Shafted

Episode 51: Ben and Steve share their pre-college manufacturing and tradecraft education and experiences. Stephen claims Boston is the new Switzerland in terms of precision manufacturing. Benjamin talks about the precision of manufacturing electric...

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By Mario WintersteinJun 11, 2021

Automotive Production Trends Post-COVID-19: Japan

Japanese industrial manufacturers are being encouraged to not exclusively rely on China but instead to also find a “plus one” country to shift production into – if not back into Japan itself...

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By Mario WintersteinMay 27, 2021

Automotive Production Trends Post-COVID-19: Brazil

Last June, the Brazilian auto manufacturing market plunged 58%, continuing its downward trajectory that had begun due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Calmon, 2020). At the time, ANFAVEA predicted the market would not recover before 2025 (, 2020)...

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By Mario WintersteinMay 17, 2021

Automotive Production Trends Post-COVID-19: China

COVID-19’s spread rapidly accelerated trends in robotics and electric vehicles that will greatly change the Chinese automotive scheme. Even before the pandemic, by 2018, China had increased its purchase of robots by 15%-20%...

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By Mario WintersteinMay 10, 2021

Automotive Production Trends Post-COVID-19: Canada

The future of Canada's economic stability lies in the auto parts and automotive industry; it is defining Canada's role in developing and manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) and related technology.

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By Stephen LaMarcaApr 16, 2021

AMT Tech Report: Issue #154

What ever happened to hydrogen fuel cell cars? Toyota’s (micro)chip on their shoulder – and in their inventory reserves. Averting robo-dog supremacy. Robots coming of age. Additively manufacturing gun barrels.

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By AMTFeb 12, 2021

AMT Tech Trends: Dehumiliated

Episode 43: Ben wrecks his new RC car! Stephen announces car part manufacturer, Edelbrock, will no longer be manufacturing products in California for all the best reasons. Benjamin nerds out about the latest innovations in machine vision. Steve gets...

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By Edward ChristopherFeb 10, 2021

Global Roundup: Where to Find Major Opportunities in 2021

You cannot chase something you don’t know exists. That’s why lead generation is the first step in any sales process. Most any marketing benchmark survey will tell you that generating business leads is the number one sales and marketing priority for most...

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