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Tips on Finding and Keeping Good Workers

Gain fresh ideas on workforce development and retention in the Job Shops Program sessions at IMTS 2022, sponsored by AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology. Sneak peek at three effective strategies presented at AMT’s 2022 MFG Meeting.
Aug 22, 2022

Experts shared approaches to better workforce development at AMT’s MFG Meeting 2022, an event held in Bonita Springs, Florida. Below are three major takeaways and information on workforce sessions at IMTS 2022, sponsored by AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology.

The MFG Meeting is an annual gathering of manufacturing leaders who tackle industry challenges, identify opportunities, and provide actionable solutions in areas such as economics, supply chain, leadership, and politics.

“Workforce is a top concern among AMT members and manufacturers across the board,” says Catherine Ross, director of education – Smartforce Development at AMT. “Everyone is struggling to bring in the most talented and dependable workers, so we assembled speakers at MFG 2022 to deliver thought-provoking ideas to explore new ways to improve the situation.”

  • Smartforce Approach to Workforce Challenges. Ross provided steps to develop a workforce ecosystem to supply a talent pipeline. This includes setting up a network with certification bodies, local schools, workforce development centers, and other local entities that can train new and existing employees, capitalize on grant programs, and illuminate the industry’s career opportunities to more diverse talent pools.

  • Winning the War for Talent. Chris Czarnik, CEO, Career [RE]Search Group, shared ways for employers to recruit more effectively with fresh, thoughtful marketing. He provided an overview of what prospective employees are looking for, and how to engage them by offering opportunities instead of selling a job.

  • Retention - How to Keep Employees from Jumping Ship. Hunter Lott, director, Hire2Fire, explained why the HR status quo isn’t working. He uncovered the efficacy and practicality of HR policies and practices that can cause more problems than they solve, as well as practical steps to improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Keep pace with new workforce solutions. Plan to attend IMTS 2022 in September, which will feature a Job Shops Workshop, on September 12, with fresh ideas on Workforce Development and Retention from Andrew Crowe, founder of the American Renaissance Tour, and Nicole Wolter, president and CEO of HM Manufacturing. Chris Czarnik will host the panel.

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Kathy Keyes Webster
Managing Editor – Content
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