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Power Up With AMT

Discover the power of AMT. As the premier trade association representing the U.S. manufacturing technology industry, AMT delivers innovation, impact, and vision for its 600 members and the broader industry. Power up with AMT!
Dec 14, 2021

Manufacturing technology is all about power. Harnessing the power of technology. Leveraging the power of machinery. Capturing the power of community. 

The power of AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology is in our 600 members who represent every facet of manufacturing technology – from transformative technology to metalworking. AMT is many things to the makers, doers, and creators we proudly represent. 

AMT is … Innovative

AMT provides actionable intelligence to members and invaluable exposure to the industry through more than 20 custom products, services, and events

AMT’s U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders (USMTO) Report delivers up-to-date statistics and analysis for the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian manufacturing technology market. Manufacturers and distributors of 232 technologies participate in the USMTO program. 

Every year, AMT’s analysts fulfill more than 200 member requests – providing vital information on everything from market share to emerging markets. 

“Our relationship with AMT has been a key ingredient to our success,” says Joseph Braun, senior vice president, Hurco Companies Inc.

Beyond U.S. borders, AMT provides international support to members. Through seven Global Tech Centers and representative offices in Mexico, Europe, China, India, Brazil, and the United States, we support nearly 300 companies – accelerating global development for members. Whether you need warehousing or proxy hires, our global facilities offer on-site support. 

“AMT’s support through their Global Tech Centers makes us much more attractive to potential customers,” explains Acme Manufacturing’s president & CEO, Fritz Carlson III. “The Tech Centers give us more bandwidth in terms of service and support and strengthen our overall customer-centric solutions.”

AMT is … Impactful

As the premier trade association representing the U.S. manufacturing technology industry, AMT’s primary focus is to help our members compete and succeed. Bettering their businesses is our business. Whether we are advocating for business-first policies or developing industry standards and training programs, AMT is committed to advancing the manufacturing technology industry as a whole and individual businesses. 

Through unique industry events, AMT brings together leaders in manufacturing technology to build community and foster connections. These include seven annual events and the bi-annual, must-attend event, IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show.

AMT is … Visionary

AMT is committed to continually pushing the limits to deliver more to members and the broader manufacturing technology industry. The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is a prime example. 

IMTS draws almost 130,000 registrants and features nearly 1.5 million square feet of exhibit space. IMTS is where manufacturing technology goes to grow! The  show delivers both practical knowledge and incredible inspiration. 

“I remember seeing that car being printed at IMTS [2014] and thinking that I had to figure out how to do that – how to print something that big,” explains Austin Schmidt, co-founder and president of Additive Engineering Solutions (AES), a large-form additive manufacturing company in Akron, Ohio, that was born at IMTS. 

Innovation, Impact, Vision … That’s the power of AMT. Join us and power up!

Visit AMTonline.org/membership to join.

Christopher Downs
Director, Audience Development
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