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Hobson & Motzer Wins 2023 National Metalworking Reshoring Award

Hobson & Motzer, a Connecticut based precision machining and assembly contract manufacturer specializing in the medical device industry received the 2023 National Metalworking Reshoring Award.
Jan 11, 2024

Chicago (January 11, 2024) – Hobson & Motzer, a Connecticut-based precision machining and assembly contract manufacturer specializing in the medical device industry, received the 2023 National Metalworking Reshoring Award in recognition of its success in bringing manufacturing back to the United States. The 2023 award was presented on Sept. 11, 2023, at FABTECH at McCormick Place in Chicago by Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative. The award honors companies that have effectively reshored products, parts, or tooling made primarily by metal forming, fabricating, casting, or machining, including additive manufacturing. The award is made possible by: the Reshoring Initiative; the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA); AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, SME; and the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA).  

Anthony Bracale, director, sales & marketing, received the award on behalf of Hobson & Motzer of Durham, Connecticut, on the FABTECH Main Stage. He spoke of what receiving the award meant to the company: 

“Hobson & Motzer is a manufacturer of precision metal components and assemblies. Our company was founded in 1912, which means we are in our 111th year as an American manufacturer, something we are very proud of. More than a century ago, two very skilled toolmakers with surnames Hobson and Motzer set out to build a business – a tool and die shop. Their plan was to do the ‘hard’ jobs that most tool and die shops either would not or could not do.   

“Today, we primarily serve the medical device industry. Like in 1912, we still take on jobs that many won’t or can’t do. It’s the kind of work we look for and often is the kind of work that finds us.   

“It’s hard to talk about reshoring without feeling a little patriotic; as Americans, we all like to see the broader benefits of our successes: job creation that strengthens our communities and, just in general, contributing to the success of our nation.  

“At the same time, we recognize that our playing field is global. To Hobson & Motzer, this is the real win: We are competing handily in the global arena.” 

Moser believes that reshoring work done by companies like Hobson & Motzer has helped invigorate manufacturing in the United States, and recognizing their accomplishments is important, saying, “The Reshoring Award has helped accelerate reshoring from 6,000 manufacturing jobs per year in 2010 to 350,000 per year in 2022.”   

The 2024 National Metalworking Reshoring Award will be presented at IMTS 2024 in Chicago. OEMs and contract manufacturers are encouraged to apply by June 30, 2024. There is still lots of time to reshore and apply

For questions about the National Metalworking Reshoring Award, contact Harry Moser at 847-867-1144 or harry.moser@reshorenow.org.  

For more information on AMT’s reshoring work and supply chain efforts, visit the supply chain resources page on IMTS.com.  

Harry Moser
Founder & President
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