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Community and Connections, without Calories

IMTS+ is your holiday destination for calorie-free inspiration. Instead of reaching for another treat, get your fill of manufacturing content on IMTS+.
Dec 14, 2022

First the neighbor brings over some cookies. Merry Christmas! Then a co-worker makes candy! Happy Holidays! Then mom and her requisite pies roll into town. Joyous Noel!

The holidays are a happy time – full of opportunities to spike your blood sugar and make your pants just a smidge tighter with each delicious morsel. Why not do something different this year?

Instead of reaching for that homemade fudge (we know!), keep your fingers busy clicking on the next episode of your favorite show on IMTS+. This a no-calorie, binge-worthy destination.

Calorie-Free Guarantee

IMTS+ has a catalogue of options available for viewers—and they all come with a calorie-free guarantee. No matter what your tastes might be, IMTS+ has something that will fulfill your craving. Check out some of our most popular shows.


Manufacturing always has an eye to the future. FutureView, brought to you by ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, focuses on the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory – where new processes, products, and production methods are born. IMTS.com/FutureView

Manufacturing Explorers

Join father-son duo Travis and Max Egan as they visit some key industry sites in Manufacturing Explorers, brought to you by Mazak. In the first season, dad took the lead and showed Max the essentials of traditional manufacturing. For season two of the series, Max took his dad and their viewers on a tour of the future of renewable energy. Save the date for season three in 2023! IMTS.com/ManufacturingExplorers

On the IMTS+ Main Stage

Innovators, creators, builders, and visionaries shined on the IMTS+ Main Stage at IMTS 2022. Enjoy captivating presentations on space exploration, robotics, workforce development, entrepreneurship, diversity, and industry insights. Find them all at IMTS.com/MainStage.

Profiles in Manufacturing

This documentary-style series tells the stories of the legends who have helped to shape and enhance the manufacturing industry. Revisit season one with Al Albrecht, Nicole Wolter, and Gregg Morris. In season two, meet Brian J. Papke, Lee B. Morris, and Aneesa Muthana and hear their fascinating stories. Season three will premiere this spring. IMTS.com/Profiles

Road Trippin’ with Steve

You haven’t traveled until you’ve been Road Trippin’ with Steve! In season one, the intrepid traveler took us back in time to witness the history of manufacturing. For season two, brought to you by EOS, Steve explored the history of additive manufacturing (and an epic gas station) in Texas. Season three is set to premiere in 2023 with a Made in Detroit focus. IMTS.com/RoadTrippin

Smart(er) Shop

In Season one of Smart(er) Shop, brought to you by Autodesk, AMT's Ryan Kelly joined Adam Allard and the rest of the Autodesk Research team to find affordable digital solutions to chronic analog shop floor problems. Stay tuned for season two debuting in 2023. IMTS.com/SmarterShop

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Michelle Edmonson, CEM
Vice President, Exhibitions
Recent technology News
Do sticky notes and USBs make a connected shop? For a better way without breaking the bank, you’ll want to tune into Episode 2 of the IMTS+ Original Series “Smart(er) Shop,” brought to you by Autodesk.
In Season 3, Episode 2 of the IMTS+ Original Series of “Manufacturing Explorers,” brought to you by Mazak, father-son duo Max and Travis Egan visit Magna, which can make a staggering 185,000 electronic products each week.
"Smart(er) Shop" Season 2 offers up three budget-friendly, easy-to-implement ideas for small and medium-sized shops. They focus on technology, but you don’t need to be an IT wizard or automation expert to take advantage of these “byte-sized” solutions!
What can you do about cybersecurity when you are both the shop staff and the IT staff? Learn more in the IMTS+ Original Series "Smart(er) Shop" Season 2, sponsored by Autodesk, premiering Oct. 26 on IMTS.com.
In Season Three, Episode One of the IMTS+ Original Series "Manufacturing Explorers," Max and Travis Egan explore Munro & Associates, dissecting EV car components to learn about electric vehicle design, from bodies to batteries.
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