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AMT To Renew Standing MOU With INA, the Auto Parts Manufacturers Association for Mexico

This renewed agreement seeks to expand the existing collaboration by having AMT and INA work together at various events to promote industry best practices both in technology investment as well as advanced strategies to facilitate training and development.
Jul 14, 2022

The automotive industry has always been a key consumer of manufacturing technology around the world, and Mexico is no different in this regard. Its automotive industry generates significant jobs and investment opportunities, with a 2022 output of close to US$150 billion. Of that total, US$102 billion is represented by the Mexican auto parts industry. A newly issued report explains that the nearshoring potential of the auto parts industry in Mexico could mean growth of that output by 100% over the next five years.

Over the last 61 years, the INA trade association has represented Mexican auto parts manufacturers. Their membership is comprised of more than 800 companies located in 15 different states throughout Mexico and includes both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers. INA member companies range from 200 to 4,000 employees, with assembly and manufacturing processes widely represented.

In 2008, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology signed an MOU with INS to strengthen representation of AMT members sourcing to this industry. This original MOU added this important segment to the advisory board AMT sponsors in Mexico and developed new ways to collaborate in an effort to foster technology adoption and best practices.

A new MOU was signed by Francisco Gonzalez, president of INA, Alberto Bustamante, general director of INA, and AMT advisory board member Carlos Mortera, international director for AMT in Latin America. Gonzalez has served as a former managing director for BancoMext, Mexican ambassador in Germany, and managing director for ProMexico.

This new document seeks to expand the existing collaboration by having AMT and INA work together at various events to promote industry best practices both in technology investment as well as advanced strategies to facilitate training and development. This will benefit both associations’ members with added demand and help the Mexican industry through the adoption of best-in-class training and development platform ToolingU-SME as its skill development platform for their membership.

The signing took place July 13, 2022, during INA Paace Automechanika, an event sponsored by INA in Mexico City focused in developing and strengthening the automotive OEM, aftermarket, and service industries. The event was presented in dual mode, digital, and in person and was oriented toward promoting networking and identifying opportunities for all manufacturers seeking to expand their process portfolio and introduce best practices to their business cycle.

For the first time, AMT had a presence at this year’s INA Paace Automechanika show, which in 2019 received more than 37,000 visitors from 31 different countries. At this year’s venue, three strong messages were introduced by AMT staff to the visitors:

AMT and its membership have a strong global presence and are focused in promoting best practices.

Technology transfer and adoption of manufacturing innovation is key to INA member companies seeking to compete globally.

Training and development are a critical dimension in need of strengthening throughout the American industrial and manufacturing market; thus, AMT is partnering with INA and ToolingU-SME to introduce the platform to the Mexican industrial community.

For additional information about the MOU and collaboration initiatives between AMT in Mexico and Latin America, please contact Carlos Mortera at cmortera@AMTonline.org or Daniel Garcia at danielgarcia@AMTonline.org.

Carlos Mortera
International Director, Latin America
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