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AMT Tech Report: Issue #281

Robots making robots. It's getting hot in here. Hey, chat. Write me a calibration procedure. Additive is going under water. You've got potential, kid.
Oct 13, 2023

When life kicks you, let it kick you forward.

– Kay Yow

1. Robots Making Robots

OK, Skynet is here. Just kidding. The need for unique machines will grow as robots are used in different scenarios. Now it’s even easier to accomplish, as researchers have developed an artificial intelligence program that can design robots from scratch. On the surface, this is interesting, but the real value can be found a few layers deeper. The volumes of iteration and design freedoms will inspire unique machines in the future – but hopefully not ones that will obliterate mankind.

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2. It's Getting Hot in Here

Additive shines in fluid or gas applications, where the designs can be radically optimized for the highest efficiency. On the other end of the efficiency spectrum, computer components see significant limitations due to excessive heat buildup. Suppose we could get rid of the heat better. Oh, wait. We can. Let's use advanced computational fluid dynamics tools to optimize the surface area of these components and additive processes to manufacture these unique shapes. I am so ready to get back to overclocking my CPU.

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3. Hey, Chat. Write Me a Calibration Procedure

Thanks, Chat. Manufacturing has many use cases for ChatGPT (or other large language models) to create documentation. In most writing scenarios, these AI tools add significant value to the process by enabling a more creative environment. However, such processes are iterative and require refining to suit your specific scenario. If you decide to jump into this world, don't forget: Trust, but verify. 

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4. Additive Is Going Under Water

Who doesn't like a deck drain on demand? Submarines can now take advantage of grown parts for on-demand repairs. The Navy is testing these low-risk use cases. “Low-risk use cases” sounds contradictory since you would think everything on a sub is critical. At least I would if I were in a metal tube under water.  

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5. You've Got Potential, Kid

I am pretty sure 100% of the world has been touched by some AI. OK, maybe not 100%, but the scale of AI applications and tools has grown significantly. The entire life-cycle of AI applications is constantly evolving. I get tied up in technology and often forget that the tech is only a means to an end. The real value will be building trust and faster training models.  

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Benjamin Moses
Director, Technology
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