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11 Conferences at IMTS 2024: An Education Destination

Add a conference program to your IMTS 2024 experience and get a world-class trade show and technical education at one destination. Sessions range from intelligent machine learning to post-processing for additive manufacturing.
Jun 12, 2024

If knowledge is power, then education is potential. Unlock your potential and enhance your business by attending IMTS 2024, a premier event in advanced manufacturing. Connect with industry leaders and immerse yourself in one or more of the 11 conference programs, making IMTS 2024 also an education hub.

Through a multitude of conference sessions, visitors to IMTS 2024 can learn from experts, grow their skills, and network with their peers. These conferences highlight industry trends and provide advanced technical learning opportunities – all without leaving IMTS.

The IMTS 2024 Conference

One of the most notable on-site conferences is the namesake The IMTS 2024 Conference. Running Sept. 9-12, 2024, the conference focuses on practical solutions featured on the IMTS show floor that can be implemented immediately. Powered by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology and managed by GIE Media, the 2024 conference is comprised of five different tracks and more than 65 sessions. Tracks include:

  • Process Innovations

  • Alternative Processes

  • Plant Operations

  • Quality and Inspection

  • Automation

The IMTS 2024 Conference presenters have been selected by an expert review board. Only IMTS exhibitors are eligible to present, and presentations may not be promotional. Instead, each session provides visitors with indispensable education on a technology that is displayed on the show floor. Visitors become educated consumers who know what they are looking at and seeking.

“GIE Media’s manufacturing team sits down and reviews every single conference submission, carefully ensuring that every presentation is insightful and helpful to participants,” explains Mike DiFranco, GIE’s group publisher. “IMTS Conference attendees can learn about a particular topic or technology and then head up to the show floor to see it in person.”

The IMTS 2024 Conference will feature multiple presentations on timely topic areas ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to IIoT to automation. Some highlights include presentations on intelligent machine learning and computed tomography, post-processing for additive manufacturing, and legacy machinery potential in the Industry 4.0 era.

More Educational Options

Beyond The IMTS 2024 Conference, there are a wide array of educational programs to help visitors gain knowledge that can be used right away and to plan for the future. Whether you are an investor, a small shop, an engineer, a researcher, or an OEM, you will find vital information to improve your day-to-day efforts and overall operations at IMTS.

This year’s show also features multiple IMTS ELEVATE programs, which highlight and elevate issues important to the manufacturing community. IMTS ELEVATE: Job Shops offers half-day workshops to learn, network, and drive transformation. IMTS ELEVATE: LATAM focuses on the high-growth markets of Mexico, Latin America, and Spain. IMTS ELEVATE: Women Make Manufacturing Move will be holding two events.

Two other notable conferences at IMTS 2024 geared to strengthen the industry are the IMTS Supply Chain Forum, which offers insights for more streamlined operations, and the IMTS Investor Forum, designed to demystify the $65-million manufacturing technology industry and offer perspectives on opportunities for investment professionals.

IMTS is known as a worldwide advanced manufacturing industry event. You can connect, explore technology, see machines, talk to experts, and make buying decisions on the show floor. With our comprehensive conference programs, you can also gain knowledge on technologies and trends. The conference programs complete the IMTS experience.

All conferences taking place at IMTS 2024 include:

  1. Make Your Shop a Top Shop: Monday, Sept. 9

  2. The Shop of Our Future: Tuesday, Sept 10

  3. Reception: Tuesday, Sept. 10

  4. 3D Printing for Job Shops: Thursday, Sept. 12

  1. Reception: Monday, Sept. 9

  2. Breakfast and Keynote: Wednesday, Sept. 11

  1. Half Day Conference

  2. Reception

Register now at IMTS.com/Register and take a look at The IMTS 2024 Conference sessions and 10 others at IMTS.com/Conferences.

Bonnie Gurney
Vice President, Strategic Content & Partnerships
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