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Show Starters: Meet the People Behind IMTS 2024

With more than 1 million square feet of exhibit space and just nine months remaining before the show, we thought you would appreciate a look at what team members are focusing on now to ensure that IMTS runs like a well-oiled machine.
Jan 30, 2024

Michelle Edmonson, CEM, Vice President – Exhibitions

“I anticipate the solutions before the problems exist. I spend half my time on current show execution and the other half on future shows. Thinking ahead led to Women Make Manufacturing Move, Job Shops Specialty Programs, and the growth of the Software Sector. With 50% new visitors to IMTS, it is essential that we begin each show with a fresh start – making it a new and relevant experience.”

Mark Kennedy, Senior Director – Exhibitor Services

“After building out over 1.1 million square feet of the IMTS show floor, I am now focused on working closely with exhibitors, the general contractor, and our vendor partners to make sure their displays are ready for opening day. And I approve more than 600 hanging booth signs!”

Jessica Aybar, Senior Manager – Exhibitor Services

“I manage exhibitor education like the IMTS 2024 Exhibitor Workshop. I love working with exhibitors, discussing logistics, and marketing activities essential for a successful IMTS.”

Allison Konczyk, Director – Exhibitions Operations, and Martha Sproehnle, Senior Manager – Exhibitions Operations

“If you enjoyed the flying jet suit at IMTS 2022, thank us for checking safety protocols. We manage thousands of logistical details. IMTS 2022 required 722 graphic proofs and had 148,051 square feet of show graphics.”

Catherine “Cat” Ross, Director – Community Engagement

“I’m doing outreach to the superintendents, career and technical education directors, and Skills USA state directors across the country to tell them about the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2024.”

Greg Jones, Director of Strategic Programs and Partnerships at SME

“AMT and SME are embarking on a new partnership for the Smartforce Student Summit. I am working on moving the event to its new location in the East Building, Level 2.”

Bonnie Gurney, Vice President – Strategic Content and Partnerships, and Leah Lewis, Partnerships Coordinator

“We’re finding experts in particular areas to add excitement, attractions, and sparkle to IMTS. Our vision showcases the future of our industry through the Emerging Technology Center and the expansion of our new technology sectors: the Automation Sector, accelerated by SPS – Smart Production Solutions, and the Additive Manufacturing Sector, accelerated by Formnext.”

Mary Cecile “MC” Neville, Director – Content; Kathy Keyes Webster, Managing Editor; Michael Mark, Videographer; and Ramia Lloyd, Content Coordinator

“All content leads to IMTS 2024. Through articles, videos, and series, we connect our community with inspiring stories of the people who do extraordinary things in manufacturing.”

Kristin Bartschi, Director – Marketing and Communications

“We are launching our marketing campaign featuring real-life manufacturers. Our team thrives on creating campaigns that represent our industry’s creative problem-solvers.”

As chief experience officer, I make sure we stay in the moment and focus on the visitor experience. I contribute ideas to investigate, try out, and reject. I joined show staff in 1996 but first participated in IMTS in 1980 as an exhibitor. I was blown away by the excitement of my first IMTS. I want to replicate that experience with every show. Someone is always going to IMTS for the first time. I want them to have that same exhilaration and a powerful memory with each show. 

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Peter R. Eelman
Chief Experience Officer
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