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Get Manufacturing Market Insights at AMT’s MTForecast 2022

The MTForecast conference in October is a unique opportunity for manufacturing technology companies to gather information that will inform their business strategies: customer industry insights, economic forecasting, and deep dives into market data.
Sep 02, 2022

The last couple of years have shown that changes in the manufacturing industry happen fast and have big impacts on business. Companies with the most up-to-date insights will have a competitive advantage to make the best strategic business plans for the future. To help collect this information, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology has gathered experts to share the latest economic outlooks and industry trends at MTForecast, held Oct. 12-14 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Now in its 50th year, MTForecast provides a roadmap to better business strategies through customer industry insights, economic forecasting, and deep dives into market data. Industry leaders, executives, and key decision-makers will choose the information that matters most to them via three tracks:

Strategy – Focus on sales forecasts, market strategy, and long-term business planning

Opportunity – New opportunities in expanding markets and other yet-to-be explored possibilities

Data – Deep dive into data points to spot trends and improve decision-making.

“MTForecast attendees will leave the conference with the data and information they need to make a more competitive strategic plan to out-maneuver their competitors and perform at the top level of the industry,” says Chris Downs, director of audience development at AMT.

MTForecast features interactive workshops and expert presentations about best practices in business strategy, data, and marketing. The goal is to help manufacturing tech companies save time and money by attending a single event to get all the information they need in one place.

“Decision-makers often don't have time to dig deeply into the economics of what's going on. They just want to know what will impact manufacturing and their business in particular,” Downs says. “No other event covers this level of insight on the manufacturing technology industry.”

For more details about MTForecast and to register to attend, visit the event website.

Kathy Keyes Webster
Managing Editor – Content
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