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AMT Tech Report: Issue #269

Flying additive manufacturing. Let's get real with sustainability. Automation will never be the same. Automated welding for high mix. You shouldn't be afraid of generative A.I.
Jul 21, 2023

“If you want to change the future, start living as if you’re already there.”  

– Lynn Conway

1. Flying Additive Manufacturing

Who knew the Marines would lead the charge in additive manufacturing? The Department of Defense has been experimenting with pushing manufacturing as close to the front line as possible. The Marines are now testing printing while in flight on an MV-22 Osprey. I didn’t think the Marines could be any cooler, but this makes them number one in my book.  

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2. Let's Get Real With Sustainability

Everyone talks about sustainability. 54% of the world’s energy sources are consumed by manufacturing. While this is a lot, 80% of the environmental impact is determined in the design phase of a project. Sustainability starts with design. Yes, in this case, it is OK to blame the engineer.  

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3. Automated Welding for High Mix

High-mix, low volume manufacturing seems to be the way of modern day manufacturers. Welding, a mainstay of such production, has always been the intersection of art and science. By employing advanced sensors and algorithms, cobots can improve welding quality and precision, reduce errors, and enhance the overall efficiency of the welding process. Let’s see how they do with 6G welds. 

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4. Automation Will Never Be The Same

Automation continues to enable manufacturers to grow and keep pace with market demands. As we enter the next industrial revolution, automation fused with IIOT sensors will be the next integration. While the benefits of combining IIOT devices and automation are great, the cybersecurity risk remains. Better install the latest update for Windows. 

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5. You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Generative A.I.

A.I. is front of mind for everyone. While it is understandable why many people are standoffish toward it, the best part of this technology is the ability to use it in a risk-free environment. A workflow using generative A.I. should always include a validation step. Trust but verify, my tech friend.  

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Benjamin Moses
Director, Technology
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