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AMT Tech Report: Issue #252

Machine tending with cobots. ChatGPT’s reinforced position in manufacturing. Don’t bank on EVs just yet. Emerged technology. AddUp sends support to Ohio.
Mar 24, 2023

After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth.

– Helene Deutsch

1. Machine Tending With Cobots

Interested? Take a look at these hot options. This shopping listicle includes a variety of cobots and robotic arms suited for shops of all sizes: machine-tending cells with preprogrammed robot code for a short installation time; elevating worker platforms for assembly, repair, or maintenance of large or tall workpieces; and flexible, large-stroke three-finger grippers. These solutions provide flexibility, speed, and autonomy to operations, allowing for increased machine utilization and reduced operating costs.

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2. ChatGPT’s Reinforced Position in Manufacturing

ChatGPT is a powerful and rapidly evolving large language model (LLM) capable of generating PLC code in IEC 61131-compliant languages such as structured text. With some effort and refinement of requests, it is capable of producing useful code snippets for a variety of applications, allowing automation engineers to save time and be more efficient. Just you wait, I’ve got an article series rolling out soon regarding my experiments replacing conventional CAM software with ChatGPT!

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3. Don’t Bank on EVs Just Yet

The ABB Automotive Manufacturing Outlook Survey revealed that most respondents believe EV adoption targets are not achievable within current regulatory timelines. Automation is seen as key to meeting these targets and making EV production more resilient, efficient, and faster, as it can radically reduce build times, improve flexibility, simplify the production process, and drive down production costs.

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4. Emerged Technology

The technology, additive, has emerged. I will die on this hill. The 3D printing revolution has long been promised, but it is only now reaching a tipping point where its potential is being realized. Someday soon, I hope to see additive manufacturing (AM) integrated into manufacturing facilities everywhere. This will happen when real revenue-generating production manufacturers embrace DfAM and AM companies accept that their tech can’t replace long-established manufacturing tech alone. Let’s work together, please!

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5. AddUp Sends Support to Ohio*

*To a manufacturer in Ohio in the form of fulfilling an eight-machine order. Sorry, I totally reportered you there. Hey, at least I’m honest media scum. Zeda Inc., freshly rebranded from PrinterPrezz and its subsidiary Vertex Manufacturing, announced that they are deploying the first of eight FormUp 350 3D printers from AddUp Inc. to their new advanced manufacturing facility in Cincinnati. 

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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