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AMT Tech Report: Issue #243

Text to action. CT scanners aren’t just for additive. Who does Audi think they are? In cybersecurity, preparation is key. Mass production for additive.
Jan 20, 2023

Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.

– Sir Henry Royce

1. Text to Action

AMT has been using GPT for natural language processing. The next step we have seen is text-to-3D models. Now we’re talking about text to manufacturing. Buckle up. We’re in for a fun ride.

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2. CT Scanners Aren’t Just for Additive

Have you ever wondered what is inside a machine or assembly but didn’t feel like blowing it up and sorting through its remains? Well, wonder no more! CT scanners can be used for checking assemblies without destructive means.

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3. Who Does Audi Think They Are?

Audi has done some interesting things to test manufacturing concepts before they hit the floor. Now they’re looking into e-mobility, increased production, sustainability, and much more.

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4. In Cybersecurity, Preparation Is Key

When has preparation been sexy? No one cares about preventing problems … Until they actually face a problem. Preventing problems is always the problem with cybersecurity. Let's talk about maintenance and response.

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5. Mass Production for Additive

Everyone wants to talk about additive production until someone asks about the risks. This article talks about the transition of using additive in mass production in 2023.

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Benjamin Moses
Director, Technology
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