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AMT Tech Report: Issue #227

IMTS is the heartbeat of the manufacturing industry. Aviation and sustainability. Metrology begins with CAD. Nvidia pushes edge computing in manufacturing. Better processing, better material.
Sep 30, 2022

I find the challenge of whether I can change and adapt to collaborate with other people exciting.

– Dr. John Maeda

1. IMTS is the Heartbeat of the Manufacturing Industry

IMTS 2022 was a banger of technology exhibitions. There was so much to see. In case you weren’t able to see everything, this article covers eight key takeaways from the event. Also, I want to know why you weren’t there.

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2. Aviation and Sustainability

As aviation continues to push the envelope on lightweight and fuel-efficient, there is a call for sustainability from design to disposal. “Fuel burn and emissions are always going to be important, but they should not be the only measure. There are many other factors across the life of an aircraft that could leave a heavy footprint on the environment.”

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3. Metrology Begins With CAD

As we saw at IMTS, most aspects of manufacturing technology are becoming more and more user-friendly. The same goes for CAD. Driving a more efficient digital thread begins with a CAD model and ends with metrology.

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4. Nvidia Pushes Edge Computing in Manufacturing

Nvidia released a series of hardware to accelerate safety and AI computing at the edge. This is the intersection of everything I like in life, automation, and GPUs. Oh, wait.

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5. Better Processing, Better Material

Additive is known for its unique shapes. Now, let’s change the material properties via the printing process. Researchers are testing ways to control how 17-4 solidifies to create a fully martensitic 17-4 PH steel.

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Benjamin Moses
Director, Technology
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