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AMT Tech Report: Issue #208

Not your pappy’s inconel. Accessible CT scanning. Fewer people are “jobless.” B9Creations’ 10th anniversary turning innovation up to 11. Durable goods orders on the rise.
May 20, 2022

“If you go out fishing for trout and don't catch trout, don't blame the fish.”

– Chris Czarnik

1. Not Your Pappy’s Inconel

Dude, did you know Inconel was developed in 1932? Almost 90 years ago! “Almost” because, technically, the trademark was registered on December 30th. I never would’ve thought it was so old, since these days it’s being peddled around like it was invented yesterday. ANYWAY! Check out NASA’s new alloy on the block! We’ll see it again in 90-something years!

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2. Accessible CT Scanning

Not a mistake. Not a gimmick. This is the real deal! I seen’t with my own eyes this week at RAPID 2022! Lumafield offers a suite of manufacturing-grade CT scanning tech to everybody. I say “manufacturing grade” because it’s not FDA-approved, so you really shouldn’t scan your Chipotle burritos (or any food, for that matter) to ensure it was made with love before eating it.

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3. Fewer People Are “Jobless”

New unemployment benefits applications are down ever-so-slightly: 184,000 from 186,000! That’s almost significant, I guess! Hey, looks like employers are treating us more like important “assets” now. If retaining valuable staff in this “tight labor market” just means some CEOs have to let go of a few of their platinum-plated waterfront vacation properties, that’s progress. BTW, what do you think of “initial jobless claims” as a cute name for “layoffs”? Or maybe “playoffs”? Please don’t fire me.

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4. B9Creations’ 10th Anniversary Turning Innovation up to 11

AMT’s very own Dayton Horvath introduced me to B9Creations as the additive industry’s best-kept secret. That’s high praise, especially considering it takes a lot to impress Dayton with polymer additive. Don’t shoot the messenger. I finally got to meet these guys at RAPID this week and can confirm they’re worth the praise. Better yet, their prices mean one of their printers might be in our testbed’s future – let alone our budget!

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5. Durable Goods Orders on the Rise

U.S. factories report a rise in orders placed for durable goods in March, alluding to sustained investment in equipment, helping to drive economic growth. Durable goods, or items meant to last at least three years, were up 0.8% in March. Whatever, words. What do I look like? An analyst?

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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