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AMT Tech Report: Issue #204

Siemens accelerating AM implementation. M2I2. Cemented carbide for AM. ICS malware you might wanna know about. Honda: the name that must not be mentioned!
Apr 22, 2022

With the Internet, if you erase something it just means you have to spend another half-minute to find it.

– Gilbert Gottfried

1. Siemens Accelerating AM Implementation

Back at it with the transformative technologies, I see. “Siemens’ latest partnerships with Roboze, ExOne, and Xerox will ensure that Siemens and its partners have access to some of the most advanced hardware on the market. Through the CATCH center, Siemens will work with OEMs, end-users, and US national laboratories to accelerate the industrialization of additive manufacturing throughout the country.”

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2. M2I2

From Catherine Ross, AMT’s director of education, Smartforce Development: “The Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative (M2I2) grant will fund high-tech equipment to recycle scrap materials used in additive manufacturing and battery production.”

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3. Cemented Carbide for AM

Sandvik has been working with cemented carbides since 1932, and they know a thing or two about them, especially how challenging to machine and turn they can be. Welp, after roughly 90 years, Sandvik has finally come up with an in-house process and powder to harness the unique toughness and durability of cobalt and tungsten carbide matrix structures with additive.

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4. ICS Malware You Might Wanna Know About

The malware toolkit known as Pipedream is perhaps the most versatile tool ever made to target critical infrastructure and industrial control systems, like power grids, factories, water utilities, and oil refineries. This represents a rare species of digital badness and is a big oof. Big, big, big oof. Pull all the network cables and start hot gluing the USB ports again! Sorry, that’s a sick joke. Please don’t do that.

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5. Honda: The Name That Must Not Be Mentioned!

3D model databases are an invaluable resource to – not to mention an online community of – makers, DIYers, tinkerers, and enthusiasts the world over. The two I’m most familiar with are GrabCAD and Printables, the newly rebranded 3D design for AM repository by Prusa. Well Prusa was sent a cease-and-desist notice from Honda! Too bad. Especially since I thought “you meet the nicest people on a Honda.”

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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