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AMT Tech Report: Issue #202

Fastest (SLA) printer in the west. Revisiting cellulose nanocrystals. Dubai uses additive to fix roads. Semiconductor metrology is crazy.
Apr 08, 2022

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

– Milton Berle

1. Fastest (SLA) Printer in the West

“With the introduction of 3D Systems’ SLA 750 and SLA 750 Dual, manufacturers now have access to the fastest stereolithography solutions available. The platform is designed to deliver the industry-leading combination of print size, speed, accuracy, and resolution for final parts that possess unmatched finish and mechanical performance.”

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2. Revisiting Cellulose Nanocrystals

CNC (not our typical CNC – cellulose nanocrystals) are back in the news, properly explained, and not trying to push “sustainability” this time. So, what is the merit of CNC? Some materials can be tough. Other materials can be strong! Traditionally, no material is both. The researchers at MIT heard this and said, “Hold my beer.”  

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3. Dubai Uses Additive To Fix Roads

Well this is misleading. Dubai does not have a mobile material extrusion printer loaded with an asphalt/tarmac slurry that drives around filling and curing potholes the way I imagined. Shame! After all, who needs technological innovation when you can make your own islands?

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4. Semiconductor Metrology Is Crazy

“Aston is a compact mass spectrometer that provides accurate, real-time data on the process chemistry with sensitivity to measure the molecular concentrations down-to parts per billion. This data enables semiconductor manufacturing FABs to run more efficiently, thus increasing the yield and throughput, delivering dramatic financial benefits to FAB operators.”

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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