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5 Reasons IMTS 2022 Is a Can’t-Miss Event

I went to my first IMTS in 1986, and I have attended every IMTS since. For me, IMTS falls into the “can’t-miss” category, and I have been thinking about why IMTS 2022 is, to me, so very important.
Aug 01, 2022

How often do you look at your phone and get a message that says that there is something that you shouldn’t miss – and all it takes is a click on the screen to get there? I am not a huge user of my phone, or social media, but it sure seems as if I receive a dozen “can’t-miss” messages a day.

That thought occurred to me because now I want to tell you about a definitive “can’t-miss event” – IMTS 2022, which will be held Sept. 12-17, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

I went to my first IMTS in 1986, and I have attended every IMTS since. (We all get a mulligan for 2020.) I don’t have the longest attendance streak out there, but the point is that I have been to IMTS a bunch of times.

For me, IMTS falls into the “can’t-miss” category, and I have been thinking about why IMTS 2022 is, to me, so very important. Five reasons ring true:

  1. Community – When I think of IMTS, the word “community” is the first thing that pops into my head. For the most part, advanced manufacturing is a complicated, difficult endeavor. At times, it can feel isolating to try to simultaneously solve problems and be commercially viable. IMTS is a place where, for one week, a global community that faces those same challenges gathers.

  2. In-Depth – The preponderance of information available to all of us online is impressive and very useful. But nothing beats the opportunity to engage someone about their technology or their product and to drill down – and drill down until you feel you have the whole story. Personal interaction at a trade show allows you to do that.

  3. Immersion – Many of us love manufacturing. It is in our blood. IMTS is one place where no matter who you talk to or what you see, it touches the manufacturing world. And it is a bit awe-inspiring to wander down to the Student Summit and see thousands of young people just beginning their lifelong connection to manufacturing.

  4. Surprises – Wandering the aisles at IMTS is filled with anticipation. Like most folks, I have meetings and appointments when I am in Chicago. But an “aisle-wander” is infused with a level of excitement. Right around the next corner could be something new or something I have never seen before. People around the world are working to solve a myriad of manufacturing problems – and many of those novel solutions are on display in Chicago.

  5. Excitement – We all know that experiencing Chicago extends beyond the show day. If you wander into the Redhead Piano Bar or Kitty O’Sheas, expect to see old friends and to meet new people who, like you, love manufacturing.

So, as you can tell, I am an unabashed fan of IMTS. I will be in Chicago the week of Sept. 12, and I will soak in all that the IMTS experience has to offer.

And I confess: I wrote this article because someone asked me, “Why do you attend IMTS 2022?”

My simple answer is: If manufacturing technology is an interest, why would you not attend IMTS 2022?

David Burns
Principal and Founder, Global Business Advisory Services and Senior Advisor, AMT
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