Data Driven Manufacturing
Happening Now
By Benjamin MosesJun 06, 2023

Digital Manufacturing for Legacy Equipment Using a Standards-Based Approach: An MTconnect Use Case

Are you adding an MTConnect adapter and agent to legacy equipment? The AMT-Virginia Tech team collected and visualized data for production managers to monitor real-time metrics and build accurate reports from legacy equipment.

15m read
By Christopher ChidzikJun 06, 2023

Automation Helps, but It’s Still a Workers’ Market

Given current economic conditions compared to where they were forecast to be at this point, this article will look at how the manufacturing employment landscape has changed and what it has meant for orders of manufacturing technology ...

4m read
By Kathy Keyes WebsterJun 05, 2023

Swiss Expedition: Precision with Heart, Part I

Have you ever experienced hospitality that’s both precise and artistic? Swiss manufacturer Studer AG welcomed nearly 100 attendees to its campus to unveil new products and share some of the joys of Swiss life.

8m read
By AMTJun 01, 2023

Manufacturing Matters

Check in for the highlights, headlines, and hijinks that matter to manufacturing. These lean news items keep you updated on the latest developments.

4m read
By Nina AndersonMay 23, 2023

Derivative, Meet Gradient

Does a year-over-year percentage growth truly reflect industry change? Do increased robot installations in sectors with less robot density look the same in ones with more density? Derivatives help expose how total change is affected when variables change.

5m read
By John TurnerMay 01, 2023

Decisions, Decisions: Data and the Digital Manufacturing Decision-Making Process

Digital manufacturing uses operational data for more informed decision-making, which helps increase workflow efficiency. But a major challenge is the quality of data. Learn more about this crucial factor in digital manufacturing decision-making processes.

5m read
By John TurnerApr 05, 2023

Architecture for Manufacturing Digital Systems

Digital manufacturing is company-specific strategy that uses data from manufacturing operations to support more informed decision-making and increase efficiency. Find out what goes into building a unique digital manufacturing strategy for your business.

5m read
By Christopher ChidzikApr 03, 2023

It All Adds Up: More Additive Machine Data Provides More Insights

Additive is not a new process, but since it has begun to be used more widely in industrial settings, the one thing the technology cannot seem to manufacture is a source of reliable, consistent, and publicly available statistics on the size of the U.S. ...

4m read
By Dayton HorvathApr 02, 2023

Investment Trends in Additive Manufacturing: Shifting Focus

Application investments flourish while next-generation technology developers take on the future.

7m read
By Michelle Edmonson, CEMApr 01, 2023

A Small Distillery Built on Big Data

KOVAL smartly deploys advanced monitoring technology in the service of creating a reliable, consistent (and delicious) product.

3m read