Data Driven Manufacturing
Happening Now
By Dayton HorvathMay 19, 2022

Investment Trends in Additive Manufacturing

What venture capital funding data says about the future of additive manufacturing.

4m read
By Stephen LaMarcaMay 13, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #207

Additive repairs for the F-35. LIFT’s initiative doesn’t let down. Harder, better, faster, stronger. Agility robotics has Amazon’s attention.

5m read
By John TurnerMay 06, 2022

Building an Advanced Cybersecurity Plan: Interaction Mapping

To build or enhance your company's cybersecurity plan, one of the first steps to consider is mapping out all access points to your company’s systems and network, including the interaction points between various systems within and outside the network.

5m read
By Benjamin MosesMay 06, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #206

New way to produce metal powders. Pittsburgh is an automation powerhouse. Nothing is ever certain. Always a new way. Set phasers to culture.

5m read
By John TurnerMay 02, 2022

Building an Advanced Cybersecurity Plan: Engagement and Reinforcement

Cybersecurity protects your – and your clients' – assets. This series dives into how you can integrate a successful cybersecurity plan. From company culture to training and maintaining your personnel, creating a safe business environment starts here.

5m read
By Bonnie GurneyApr 29, 2022

Controls & CAD-CAM Pavilion at IMTS 2022 Offers Immersive Digital Experience

The first step to optimizing manufacturing and job shop efficiency starts with a visit to the Controls & CAD-CAM Pavilion at IMTS 2022, where exhibitors will showcase new digital twin and virtual solutions.

8m read
By Benjamin MosesApr 25, 2022

Digital Manufacturing Automation Using a Standards-Based Approach: An MTConnect Use Case

Interested in adding MTConnect? Recently the AMT-Virginia Tech team simulated a manufacturing environment of robotic arms performing material transportation. The collected and visualized data provides insight into process monitoring and machine efficiency.

15m read
By Ryan KellyApr 05, 2022

Keep Calm and Plan On

The new Cyberspace Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 may sound scary and overwhelming for smaller companies to comply with, but there are some simple steps manufacturers can take now to get a handle on their current cybersecurity situation.

6m read
By AMTApr 03, 2022

Manufacturing Matters

Check in for the highlights, headlines, and hijinks that matter to manufacturing. These lean news items keep you updated on the latest developments.

7m read
By Benjamin MosesMar 29, 2022

Value Chain Re-Imagined in Quality Assurance Pavilion

The metrology systems and software solutions unveiled in the Quality Assurance Pavilion at IMTS 2022 will help job shops and OEMs re-imagine their entire value chain. Visitors will find new solutions to create a digital twin, share data, and more.

5m read