Winter Economic Webinar

What lies ahead for US spending on manufacturing technology? Industry production and orders have tempered as the Fed-induced economic slowdown begins to appear. Are we headed for a recession or a soft landing and in either case, how long will it last and what impact will this have on manufacturing technology orders in 2023? Ahmed Abdelmeguid, Senior Economist for Oxford Economics, will outline the forecast for machine tools and the manufacturing sector, connecting sources of global demand and highlighting potential challenges on the horizon for producers and consumers of manufacturing technology. The Ohio Valley is one of the largest clusters of manufacturing in the United States. The expansion of demand for North American product sources has put pressure on existing manufacturers to expand capacity or bring home overseas capacity as well as spur increases in foreign direct investment. What does this mean for CAPEX in the Valley? Who is coming and from what industries? Rosa Christophel, Research Manager from REDI Cincinnati will be focusing on the manufacturing industry’s growth in Ohio as well as where and what sectors will be growing or investing in the area. AMT Executives will offer a warm welcome and new development updates on key member events and offerings. Registration is free! Join us in person in Cincinnati (attendance limited) or virtually. Friday, January 27 2023. In person attendees 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET. Virtual attendees 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET.


Meet our Speakers!

Ahmed Abdelmeguid

Ahmed Abdelmeguid is a Senior Economist in Oxford Economics, Global Industry group, working in conjunction with US based industry and macro economists to produce US Industry Forecasts. Ahmed has worked alongside Mark Killion, Director of the Americas Industry Service, to produce AMT forecasts for over the last year. Before working at Oxford Economics, Ahmed worked for 5 years as an Economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Current Employment Statistics State & Area division. He holds a degree in Economics and International Relations from Boston University and a Master of Arts in Economics and Finance from American University.

Rosa Christophel

Rosa Christophel is a Research Manager for REDI Cincinnati for 3.5 years. In her role, Rosa responds promptly to inquiries regarding the Cincinnati region’s economy and business environment as well as collect data specific to our MSA; our identified target industries and their trends, opportunities and challenges for growth and expansion; and the talent needed in our MSA to support a target industry’s future growth.

Peter R. Eelman

Peter Eelman’s business career has always been centered around IMTS. Peter entered the manufacturing technology industry in 1980, working for an exhibitor. Today, 40 years later, Peter heads all things IMTS, including, IMTS Network, and IMTS spark. In addition to IMTS, Peter runs AMT's international trade shows, including major events in China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and throughout Europe.

Travis Egan

After two decades in the durable goods manufacturing markets, Travis Egan joined AMT as Vice President – Business Development in early 2019. At AMT, he is responsible for membership, product development, and revenue generation. Travis particularly enjoys visiting advanced manufacturing technology suppliers and their customers, the discrete parts manufacturers, to learn about technologies and strategies they’ve adopted to succeed.

Douglas K. Woods

Douglas K. Woods joined AMT as its President in 2009. A lifelong manufacturing professional, Doug is dedicated to promoting the world’s most innovative manufacturing technology and positioning AMT as a leader on issues that impact the industry. Doug sits on several industry boards, including the Reshoring Initiative; the MTConnect Institute; the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, and others.