Summer Economic Outlook: What Lies Ahead for US Spending on Manufacturing Technology

What lies ahead for US spending on manufacturing technology? Industry production and orders have remained high but rising risks to growth threaten the prospects for 2023. How long will the higher inflation persist, and how far will interest rise? Which industries will respond, and what impacts can we expect on their spending? Mark Killion, CFA, Director of US Industry for Oxford Economics, will outline the forecast for machine tools and the manufacturing sector, connecting sources of global demand and highlighting potential challenges on the horizon for producers and consumers of manufacturing technology. Tuesday, July 26, 2022; 11:00-12:15am ET

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Meet our Speakers!

Mark Killion, CFA

Mark Killion is a research director with expertise in finance and economics. Focused on global industries and capital markets, Killion translates complex information and views into actionable business strategies for growth, capital allocation and risk management. Culturally adept in Asian, European and South American business customs, Killion brings value to businesses, governments, investors and other clients by developing state-of-the-art products and projects that use innovative methods to reliably analyze and forecast volatile industries and markets. Killion’s collaborative approaches help interdisciplinary team members become stronger and the products he manages more profitable. His extensive experience in modeling, forecasting and market analysis has honed skills in presenting detailed data and insightful conclusions clearly tocolleagues and clients. As a thought leader and communicator, Killion regularly publishes commentaries on issues and trends in economics and finance andis highly regarded as a public speaker. As Director of US Industries at Oxford Economics, Killion shapes the forecasts ofprospects for all US sectors, and the investment driven industries across the globe. Recent work includes analysis of industry profit margins and their impact on CapEx; conducting training sessions with clients on best use of benchmarksand indicators to forecast their company sales and costs; and delivering custom market analysis and forecasts of business opportunities and risks faced by clients.

Pat McGibbon

Patrick McGibbon was promoted to Chief Knowledge Officer for AMT in early 2019. As CKO, Pat is the association’s chief economist, ombudsman, and a member of AMT’s Strategic Alignment team. He heads survey expansion projects, inter-association collaboration in business intelligence, R&D on intelligence projects, and is staff liaison for AMT’s Economics & Statistics Committee and AMT/USCTI’s Joint Statistics Committee.