MTConnect Webinar | MTConnect and OPC Companion Overview

What standard is the best for Industrial IoT? There isn’t one. So, ask a smarter question: How do I architect an IIoT system that will work for my business? OPC UA offers data security, reliability, and write-back capability, but doesn’t specify industry-specific semantics. MTConnect offers industry-standard vocabulary to provide contextual meaning straight from factory devices. Learn how to deploy both together seamlessly and simply. April 22, 2021 | 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST

MTConnect Webinar Recording | MTConnect and OPC Companion Overview

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Meet our Speakers!

William Sobel

Mr. Sobel has over thirty years of experience in information technologies and advanced application architectures. Mr. Sobel is currently leading multiple standards efforts from industrial information and protocols to ontologies. For over thirteen years, he has been the principal architect of the MTConnect® standard and creator of open source IIoT platforms for the manufacturing industry. Mr. Sobel also chairs the American Society for Mechanical Engineers Model-Based Enterprise Standards Development Methodology working group and the Industrial Ontologies Foundry MTConnect working group collaborating with industry experts to enable the digital thread. Mr. Sobel brings over 30 years of experience building companies and architecting complex computational systems for numerous industries. He was recently Chief Strategy Officer of VIMANA, providing a leading Industrial AI platform enabling predictive and prescriptive analytics for discrete manufacturing. Before VIMANA, Mr. Sobel was a visiting lecturer at UC Berkeley working at the RadLAB teaching agile web development while developing technology to support predictive analytics research to optimize data center operations. During his employment at the university, Mr. Sobel authored the MTConnect Standard as a consultant to the Association for Manufacturing Technology to address the lack of semantic interoperability in manufacturing. Before UC Berkeley, Mr. Sobel worked in the financial industry for 17 years, finishing as VP and Chief Architect at MSCI-Barra.

Russ Waddell

Russ works on standards development in manufacturing for digital factory, Industry 4.0, industrial internet of things, machine to machine communication, machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics, predictive health and maintenance. He runs the MTConnect Institute, which is the ANSI-accredited standards developer for the MTConnect standard with 400+ members. The standard includes domain specific vocabulary for CNC machine tools, milling machines, lathes, boring and drilling machines, electrical discharge machines, lasers, waterjets, plasma cutters, robots, cutting tools, sensors, 3D printers, and other factory equipment and devices for discrete manufacturing, as well as nascent information models for parts, processes, materials, supply chain, and manufacturing execution systems. Companion specifications for OPC UA, B2MML, and QIF incorporate cybersecurity and protocol, manufacturing execution, and quality and inspection data.