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How IMTS is Staying Focused

Circumstances over the past year may have disrupted our lives, but the impact has accentuated our strengths, accelerated our strategies, and sharpened our focus to connect and grow the manufacturing technology community...
by Peter R. Eelman
Feb 10, 2021

Circumstances over the past year may have disrupted our lives, but the impact has accentuated our strengths, accelerated our strategies, and sharpened our focus to connect and grow the manufacturing technology community.

Your AMT Exhibitions department is dedicated to you and working vigorously on platforms and events for our industry so clients and businesses may interact. The IMTS brand is stronger than ever, with significantly increased social media impressions thanks to the activity generated by IMTS spark, IMTS Network, and IMTS.com/Supply-Chain. These initiatives, begun last year, required we learn new skills, be agile, and form partnerships. They have fueled our momentum to execute our current projects, plan regional and international events, and most importantly, IMTS 2022, which will be held Sept. 12-17, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

IMTS spark

Launched in September with Gardner Business Media, Spark is the digital destination where our industry can peruse IMTS exhibitor showrooms to see the newest manufacturing technology products, software, and solutions; attend IMTS Conference sessions; and join acclaimed speakers and industry legends to hear new ideas for bettering ourselves and our businesses. IMTS spark offers our community networking, interaction, and connection through March 15, 2021. I applaud our content and operations teams for their creativity, maximizing their organizational talent, and learning new technical skills.

IMTS Network IMTS Network launched a new weekly program, “The Show | An IMTS Digital Series,” airing every Tuesday at 11 a.m. I commend energetic host Jules McGuire, AMT assistant director of content, for sharing her “show-biz” talent and expanding her work duties to undertake this new role. She gives an overview of the week’s must-see Spark events. Watch it on Facebook.com/IMTS.show.

IMTS Network episodes continue to be watched and shared on social media at an exciting pace – underscoring the demand for digital content on the human side of manufacturing technology. Stay tuned for our next live event this spring. View the current shows now at IMTS.com/Network.

Rebuilding the supply chain

IMTS spark and IMTS.com/Supply-Chain continue to showcase live and on-demand sessions, articles, and graphics to help you meet the challenge of sourcing. In January, we asked the IMTS community to complete the “Rebuilding the Supply Chain” online survey by Feb. 28, 2021. Results will be published in March. One of the key questions asks if OEMs and job shops would value an AMT service to connect OEMs with manufacturing technology solutions for reshoring opportunities. bit.ly/SupplyChainSurvey

IMTS 2022 The popularity of these three programs reinforces an industry craving new technology, advancement, and connection. It also directs the future as we plan. IMTS 2022 will be entwined with an online presence aimed at building an audience that can only attend digitally while augmenting the in-person visitor experience.

how-imts-is-staying-focused-2 how-imts-is-staying-focused-2

IMTS 2022 is off to a flying start. Booth space applications for IMTS 2022 were due Jan. 15, 2021. In addition, our co-located show, Hannover Messe, is also beginning with a solid baseline. Booth space is still available, but hurry. We are currently creating the 2022 exhibitor floor plans and plan to release them this spring.

Judging by the enthusiasm for IMTS online events, conversations with members and manufacturers, and the positive outlook from the economists at MTForecast, IMTS 2022 will be vital to our industry’s growth and country’s economic health.

Partnerships This past October, we co-sponsored with SME the Best of SMX virtual event, known as the Smart Manufacturing Experience. The one-day online conference included virtual exhibitor booths and education sessions.

AMT members with in-country staff plan to be present in the following AMT International Pavilions:

  • CIMT 2021, April 12-17 China International Machine Tool Show, Beijing, China

  • EXPOMAFE, May 4-8 Brazil International Machine Tool and Industrial Automation Exhibition, São Paulo, Brazil

  • IMTEX 2021, June 17-23 Indian Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition, Bangalore, India

As we continue to work through today’s environment, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in AMT and IMTS as we work to support you, your businesses, and this vibrant, essential industry.

Peter R. Eelman
Vice President & Chief Exhibitions Officer
Peter Eelman’s business career has always been centered around IMTS. Peter entered the manufacturing technology industry in 1980, working for an exhib ...
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