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AMT Tech Report: Issue #176

Career day: F1 CNC machinist. Kennametal’s additive carbide powder. Wilson serves up some additive. Made in space 2021.
Sep 17, 2021

“If printing's not boring, then you've done something wrong beforehand.”

Austin Schmidt, President, Additive Engineering Solutions

1. Career Day: F1 CNC Machinist

You don’t need to be a Russian oligarch to learn that F1 teams go through a buttload of specialty parts. Here’s a cool article to kick off your weekend. Check if you or someone you know can make the cut. (Zing!) See if you have the feeds that can bring the speeds! (ZING!) OK, I’ll cut to the chase and stop milling about. Take a look.

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2. Kennametal’s Additive Carbide Powder

I was today years old when I learned Kennametal makes anything other than cutting tools or inserts – or anything outside the subtractive wheelhouse, for that matter! Well, one thing is for certain: They like them some carbide!

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3. Wilson Serves up Some Additive

True story: I’d have no idea what the heck “pickleball” is if it weren’t for AMT’s president and dear leader, Doug, recognizing the counterfeit-tennis-court-looking thing that was installed on top of our parking garage a couple years back. Correction: I still have no idea what pickleball is, but if you do, get yourself a 3D-printed paddle! Final note: pickleball is played on a badminton court with a tennis net. The more you know! 

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4. Made in Space 2021

I know stuff prints better in zero G. That’s old news. How do you make zero G as accessible as, well, additive? That right there is the three-comma question. Is this why all those billionaires are going to space? Probably!

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Stephen LaMarca
Manufacturing Technology Analyst
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