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New Show Cycle: New Look and New Faces

IMTS 2022 will occupy all four buildings and all levels of the McCormick Place campus as well as continue co-locating with the HANNOVER MESSE USA show in the East Building.
Aug 16, 2021

New show cycle

With the release of the IMTS 2022 floor plan, we officially commence a new show cycle! The 12-month countdown begins, bringing on increased activity, energy, and interaction.

IMTS 2022 will occupy all four buildings and all levels of the McCormick Place campus as well as continue co-locating with the HANNOVER MESSE USA show in the East Building. The demand for in-person events is starting to surge.

We credit this enthusiasm to our ability to remain digitally connected with the manufacturing technology community throughout the pandemic with such online platforms as IMTS spark and the IMTS Network.

New look

For IMTS 2022, we’ve updated the logo, changed colors, and chosen a new font.

The IMTS “cube” continues to be comprised of three elements: one spark at the intersection of two parts, but its viewpoint has changed. The cube is positioned as if we are looking up at it, drawing our eye upward – reminding us that IMTS is visionary and preparing for what lies ahead. This perspective represents the IMTS brand: a commitment to innovation to drive our industry forward.

As for the colors, the teal combines the positive effects of the previous colors, blue and green, symbolizing intelligence and creativity. It’s a nod to the color of the many metals in our industry. The red accents the teal and denotes passion. The white spark at their intersection represents the energy and power of the manufacturing technology industry.

Chosen for its gravitas, the Gotham font is a loved geometric sans-serif electronic typeface built by American designer Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000. The nickname for one of America’s largest cities is certainly apropos of one of the world’s largest tradeshows featuring some of the world’s heaviest manufacturing technology equipment. Although weighty, Gotham conveys experience, knowledge, and clarity.

IMTS.com’s new starting off points: IMTS 2022 and IMTS Discover.

We launched the IMTS 2022 website featuring the new logo and colors and, more importantly, more valuable content for the IMTS community. The homepage offers two primary navigation starting points: “IMTS 2022” and “Discover.” “IMTS 2022” connects users to exhibitors and gives details about the event. “Discover” presents dozens of online programs, videos, interviews, and articles on technology trends, industry experts, and the human element of manufacturing.

New faces

To align staff strengths with production needs, we have new faces working on IMTS. Some are new to AMT, and others have worked in different roles at AMT.

Welcome new team members:

Mary Cecile Neville, Director – Content

Harry Bechkes, Video Content Manager

Kristin Bartschi, Assistant Director – Marketing and Communications

Chris Downs, Director – Audience Development

Ashley Park, Lead Designer

Jacob McCloskey, Graphic Designer

Ashley Abdullah, Data & Project Coordinator

Growth ahead

As we begin the 12-month countdown to IMTS 2022, I want to extend my gratitude to the IMTS community for staying the course, supporting IMTS spark – our nearly 10-month-long online digital destination – and moving the industry forward as we lead teams through uncharted territory. As we find ways to reshore and shorten supply chains, our industry strengthens.

The economic outlook is positive, and I believe our industry is bound for growth. I urge you to visit IMTS.com, share your feedback with us, and send human-focused manufacturing technology story ideas to content@IMTS.com. 

The Show

To get a feel for the vastness of IMTS 2022, watch Peter Eelman as he walks through McCormick Place in the newest episode of The Show: A Digital Series. Devoted to upcoming events and information related to the manufacturing technology community, The Show airs on the IMTS social media channels.

Peter R. Eelman
Vice President & Chief Exhibitions Officer
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