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AMT Tech Report: Issue #180

Additive’s Impact on Space Exploration. Virtual Robot Obstacle Courses. Bipedal Robot Can Fly and Skateboard. Complex Vehicle-Painting Robot Arms. Acrylic or Gel?
Oct 15, 2021

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.”

– Anonymous

1. Additive’s Impact on Space Exploration

ICYMI (I know I did), check out this awesome article packed with links laying out the history of additive manufacturing and how 3D printing has shaped today’s deep-pocket space race. Listen, Tech Trends is awesome, and it’s how I find easily 70% of the manufacturing articles featured in the Tech Report. However, as powerful as Tech Trends is, and as finely honed as my Googling skills are, a few gems like this slip through the cracks! BIG thanks to Ella (she knows who she is) for being an awesome reader and shooting this one across my bow. If there are any more of #youpeople that have cool and current MT-related news you think I missed, fire away!

Read more here.

2. Virtual Robot Obstacle Courses

“In the simulation, the machines—called ANYmals—confront challenges like slopes, steps, and steep drops in a virtual landscape. Each time a robot learned to navigate a challenge, the researchers presented a harder one, nudging the control algorithm to be more sophisticated.” Think this will cut down on all those robot dancing and parkour videos? 

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3. Bipedal Robot Can Fly and Skateboard

Guess we can expect more robot videos. Can’t win ‘em all. Nice work from Caltech! “In the real world, the technology designed for LEO could foster the development of adaptive landing gear systems composed of controlled leg joints for aerial robots and other types of flying vehicles.”

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4. Complex Vehicle-Painting Robot Arms

No masking necessary! Not because they’re vaccinated (groan), but because they’re talented! Hopefully factory racing team liveries make it to production cars before the ICE is kaput! Bespoke paint jobs as a factory option could be right around the corner. Before I get too preachy, please try to keep your resale values in mind. Video included.

Read more here.

5. Acrylic or Gel?

Bro, you ever get your nails did and the old salon tech you’re narrating your whole life’s memoirs to keeps begging you to shut up? Or they fall asleep, smearing your fingers and destroying any hope of an even coat? It happens to the best of us – and all too often. Well, modern manufacturing technology – and specifically automation – finally has a solution for those of us looking for that mirror shine! 

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Stephen LaMarca
Manufacturing Technology Analyst
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